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Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning Systems

The key to an effective and efficient air conditioning (AC) system is not simply the ratings of a particular unit but, more so, the install of that unit. Claiming to have the best equipment is just the beginning, this is where we step in. Stouts offers state of the art equipment and with this quality equipment comes out expert installations. We always stick to manufacturer specs to optimize your system performance to keep you cool without breaking the bank.

Air Conditioner Basics

A split AC system operates much like your refrigerator in the sense that the both use electricity to transfer heat from their respective cool interiors. Your air conditioning (AC) system utilizes a cold indoor evaporator cool and an outdoor condenser which consists of a hot outdoor coil, compressor, and a cooling fan. The compressor transfers the refrigerant through a copper line set into the cool coil. This liquid refrigerant then evaporates inside the indoor coil pulling heat out of the indoor air being blown over it and cooling the inside of your home or area. But, what happened to this costly refrigerant? Well, the refrigerant vapor is then pushed back out to the compressor and through your hot outdoor coil allowing the refrigerant to transfer the heat pulled from the home to the outdoor air until this vapor is cool enough to be returned to a liquid state and pumped back through the system.

We would love to give you a FREE personalized estimate and get you cooled down. Feel your system is out of date and costing you too much during the warm season? Don’t hesitate to call today!

Air conditioning systems and installations by Stout's Heating & Air Conditioning in Santa Rosa, CA.

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