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HVAC Pre-Season Preparation


HVAC Pre-Season Preparation

When the seasons begin to change, from winter to spring and summer to fall, it’s easy to get lost in the changes taking place around you. But, as a home or business owner, you need to remember the importance of your HVAC system’s pre-season preparation. After all, the system will be working hard in short order, whether it’s keeping you cool in summer or warm during the long winter months, so ensuring it’s in proper working order is vital to your living a life without temperature headaches. And, there’s no better time to do the work than when your system is used the least; during spring and fall.

Stout’s provides customers with the absolute best service at incredible prices across Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties. Our pre-season preparation service is unmatched for its results and the overall experience our customers have with our technicians. That’s what you can expect from a family-owned company with a 25 year track record of success. So, call Stout’s (707) 527-1504 for your pre-season prep – no matter the season – and get the best for a great price!

Spring Pre-Season HVAC Preparation

Winters, even those in Northern California, can be extremely harsh for anything outside of your home or business and that includes your HVAC system’s condenser unit. After such temperature abuse, especially prolonged periods below freezing, your system may have problems getting running again. Startup isn’t when you want to experience a failure, so having Stout’s professional technicians perform a thorough pre-season preparation on your system early can save you from the frustrations of a 90° day with no air conditioning.

The onset of springtime also means an abundance of pollen in the air, not to mention dust and other airborne allergens resulting from the widespread agricultural activity across Sonoma and Napa county areas in particular. Be sure your HVAC system’s filters are clean and prepared to capture harmful particles before they enter your living environment, or worse, your lungs.

When it’s time for your service call the expert technicians from Stout’s will arrive on time to handle the work and ensure everything is ready for the long summer ahead. This work includes:

  • Inspecting Outdoor Panels: This is all about checking that the electrical components housed within are all functional after the cold winter weather.
  • Clean Unit: This may seem like the most obvious step, but it’s important to functionality nonetheless. Our techs have your unit clean and ready for use in no time.
  • Repair & Replace Insulation: Insulation becomes fragile when exposed to extremely low temperatures and ultraviolet radiation. Issues will be corrected.
  • Change Filters: Stout’s friendly technicians will change your system’s filters to get your system ready for the heavy lifting ahead.
  • Drainage Hose Check: Your HVAC system has a condensate line that needs to be checked to guarantee it’s in the correct position and draining safely.
  • Clean Vents & Grills: All the supply vents and return grills will be checked for obstruction and cleaned to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Calibrate Thermostat: We’ll calibrate the system thermostat to be certain it’s reading the temperature inside your home or business correctly.

You get your money’s worth when you choose Stout’s for your spring pre-season prep at your home or business. Our expert team gets it right the first time, every time which leaves you with the peace of mind that comes with a sound decision. The pricing is right and the workmanship is even better, so make the call to (707) 527-1504 today for prompt, professional service.

Fall Season HVAC Preparation

Before winter comes each year, home and business owners need to think about preparing their HVAC systems for the long months to come. There’s a great deal to do to get your system ready and no one more qualified to do it than the technicians from Stout’s HVAC. With one simple call to (707) 527-1504 we can quickly schedule you for the highest quality service you can depend on to have you living and working in comfort throughout the coldest months of the year.

Stout’s fall pre-season prep addresses both the internal and external components of your HVAC system to make doubly sure you’ll be ready when the first freezing temperatures arrive. This work includes:

  • Checking Lines: HVAC systems use refrigerant running in lines to keep your home cool throughout the summer. We ensure there are no leaks present which could freeze.
  • Check & Clean Condenser: This is a great way to get the system ready for bed, so to speak. Once complete, we’ll add any covering you have.
  • Check Potential Hazards: Our techs will mitigate any potential hazards they see including shrubbery too close to unit, proper clearance, noises, stability, etc.
  • Change Filters: Again, just as in spring, this is a vital step to ensure airflow is not impeded and the system stays in peak form.
  • Check Furnace Vents: Before the need for your furnace to go to work, Stout’s will ensure that it is prepped and ready.
  • Complete Tuneup: This is the big step since your system has been off for the majority of the year. Let the pros prep it before turning the key.

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For over 25 years, Stout’s HVAC has delivered the finest HVAC services to customers throughout Sonoma, Marin, and Napa Counties. Our emphasis has always been providing the ultimate in precision and care on every HVAC call – no matter how large or small. There’s no higher calling than satisfying you, our customer.
The experts at Stout’s, a family-owned institution for over 25 years, know the value of prepping your system for the hard days and nights ahead. Our technicians can help you keep your system in peak condition and give you the life of comfort you deserve – all for far less than the alternatives. It really is that simple. One call’s all it takes for the best service in the region (707) 527-1504!

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Stout’s Heating & Air Conditioning has been installing, servicing and repairing HVAC systems for nearly 30 years in and around Sonoma County. We will make your home a comfort zone and we stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.