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Heating Systems

Heating Systems

A forced air furnace pulls return air from the living space through ductwork and delivers the cold air to the furnace. The furnace gets a call for heating from the thermostat. The burners come on, heating up a combustion chamber inside the unit. Once the chamber reaches a preset temperature, the blower or circulation fan comes on. The cold return air flows past and around the combustion chamber picking up the heat, and then the now hot air is delivered through ductwork back to the living space. As long as the thermostat continues calling for heat, this cycle will continue. Most gas furnaces in modern heating systems are designed to provide heated air at approximately 130*F. Once the heated air exits the ductwork, through the registers, into the living space, it quickly mixes with the existing colder air in the space. This process continues until the air is mixed well in the room, and the set-point of the thermostat has been reached. The furnace will then shut down until the temperatures in the living space cool to a point where the t-stat calls for heat, once again.

Heating System Basics

The forced air system is the best for adding indoor air quality options. All types of filtration, air cleaners, humidifiers, ultra-violet lights, heat recovery ventilators, and other ventilation systems are based upon, and dependent upon, the forced air delivery system. The Advantages to forced air ducted systems is they are the only distribution system which can be used for central air conditioning. Indoor air quality options may be added. Air may be dehumidified and it is less expensive to install and a furnace can attain higher efficiencies than other heating options. Though there are advantages disadvantages are still there. Forced air ducted systems need ductwork for distribution, which requires duct in attics, under floor or chases in the ceilings and walls. Occupant can often hear the furnace running. Air movement can stir up allergens and deliver them into the air which in turn requires filtration and filters must be replaced regularly.

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