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Heating System Maintenance

Home heating systems by Stout's HVAC in Santa Rosa, CA.

With the cold weather just around the corner is your heating system functioning properly?

Is the thought of your unit not working lingering in the back of your mind?
Maintenance on ones HVAC system is most times forgotten because out of sight out of mind right? Wrong. Your HVAC system is just like a car and needs its standard maintenance. Not changing your filter or checking the wiring inside your unit can lead to issues with your system and ultimately causing unit failure and high costs in the long run.

Another question most people have is how efficient their system is running. This varies based on the age of your system and how it was installed. Most systems over 20 years of age tend to be running around 50-70% efficient with a standard 80% efficient furnace. This means for every dollar you spend on heating your home you are wasting roughly 30 to 50 cents. The benefits of installing a high efficiency system in your home come in many forms such as federal tax credits and possible credits from your energy company. Not to mention units up to 98% efficient and direct to consumer rebates from stouts to save you money and keep you cozy for less.

Not looking to spend so much on a new furnace? There are many other solutions to save you money. With the customer in mind here at Stouts, we never leave you dissatisfied or try to up sell you just to make a quick buck. We listen to our customers and give you the options and let you choose what would be best suited for your needs.

Have a costly all electric system in your home? Looking to stay eco-friendly and save some money? Stouts provides ductless mini-split solutions for all shapes and sizes of homes, offices, wineries, and shops. Are you looking to transition to an all electric system? Call today to set up your free estimate with one of our ductless specialists or go check out our ductless tab at our site to learn more.

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In most cases, we can deploy one of our HVAC technicians on a moment’s notice 365 days a year for your all you’re Heating and Air Conditioning needs throughout Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties. We are here when you need us to service both your residential and commercial HVAC systems.