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Stout's Heating and Air Conditioning can maintain your HVAC system.

Maintaining Your HVAC System

Why Replace Old HVAC Equipment If It Still Works?

Older heating and cooling (HVAC) systems may run for years without major mechanical problems. But even so, they use so much energy that they become very expensive to operate. Equipment of fifteen years ago, like the automobiles of that era, is much less efficient than that of today.

In fact, older furnaces are vastly less efficient than the models that Stout’s Heating & AC now offer. For example, a typical gas furnace more than ten years old may operate at only half the efficiency of some newer high-efficiency models.

Older heat pumps and air conditioners have the same drawback. Even units only five years old may operate at very low efficiencies compared to today’s models. In addition to costing you more to operate because of its low efficiency, every day you operate your old heating and cooling equipment you run more of a risk of breakdown. So whether you’re faced with a breakdown or just know that your heating and cooling equipment is getting old, now is the time to replace it with a high-efficiency system.

In a few short years, your energy savings will pay for the cost of the HVAC system. You will enjoy priceless peace of mind knowing that you have a new, reliable HVAC system that you can count on. That’s why more and more of today’s homeowners are realizing that replacing old equipment – even if it’s still running – makes sense.